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30 Norton Hill Road
Strong, ME   04983

Geneva Wood Fuels is a producer of hardwood pellet fuel for residential and commercial use. Our residential pellet fuel can be found at independent retailers and select chains throughout the Northeast.  Geneva currently produces and markets the Maine’s Choice and Geneva Wood Pellets brands of residential hardwood pellet fuel. Both brands are rapidly becoming two of the most recognized and respected brands of hardwood pellets in the Northeast.  


Geneva Wood Fuels strives to produce only premium quality pellets. We are confident in our ability to do so because we have 100% control over our raw material handling process. Wood pellet consumers are mindful of several important qualities when evaluating wood pellet fuel. They include ash content, percentage of fines and heating value. Geneva adheres to the most stringent testing parameters when it comes to these important measures.  


As a result, our customers enjoy pellets that do not leave much ash when burned, produce a tremendous amount of heat and have little dust in the bag. Customers demand pellets that are hot and clean, this is what Geneva delivers!  


Geneva Wood Fuels firmly believes that the bulk market for wood pellets will drive tremendous growth for our company and industry as a whole. We have recently invested in a new 300-ton capacity bulk pellet storage silo and a delivery truck. Today, we serve both commercial customers (schools, hospitals, etc...) and residential bulk distributors.



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